Angela not only kept us completely up to date on a regular daily basis so gave us the type of attention that may us feel as if we were her only priority. If she give this to all her clients, then the experience must be golden for everyone who is lucky enough to have her as an agent.  She assisted every step of the way; answered all questions and concerns and yes guided us, without trying to influence our decision.  She was 100% in our corner. I am still astonished at the regular communication and how quickly she responded to any text that were sent. She never left you hanging or wondering what was going on. This was very much appreciated as it helped reduce the amount of stress and made you feel much more in control.  I was impressed from beginning to end which is why she sold two houses for us and helped with the purchase of another house. However, the amount of communication and the fact that she never left us hanging or wondering what was going on was very impressive. – Alice