When I interviewed different realtors Angela’s knowledge of the market and her recommendations impressed me. Her photography and presentation skills had me astounded.

When I asked for suggestions on how to make the house more saleable she took some time and then provided a list of items from cheap and easy to harder and more expensive. When I wanted input on a price range she provided comparables, her estimation of the current market and made an ambitious suggestion. The fact that the house sold for $100.00 over listing showed a remarkable knowledge of the market. Very impressive.
 Her photography skills had the house looking stunning. Her presentation of the house was better than I ever thought it would be.

In the end we had a bidding war with me on the good end. Angela sold the house for more money than I ever expected. From start to finish Angela did a top­notch job. Now that we are looking to purchase and I am going through listings, I find I’m appreciating how lucky we were to have had her as our realtor. I don’t know what else she could have possibly done better. I am happy to recommend her.
 – Rob & Roslyn